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How hygiene can impact the productivity in your work place

Good hygiene in the workplace is vital, yet it seems that many businesses don’t understand the many affects it can have should it not be upheld to the correct standard.

The standard of hygiene in a work place can greatly affect your clients and your customers, both physically and mentally. A work place should be somewhere to be proud of and give a professional impression to your customers and employees. First impressions do count and failure to achieve this will be doing your business a great injustice.

You may not have considered these repercussions of having an unhygienic workplace.

Employee health

Sick days, as reported by HRM Magazine, ‘cost UK businesses a staggering £28.8 billion every year’. A lack of hygiene in the workplace contributes to this greatly. It’s no secret that a healthy employee is a productive employee, so taking small steps to minimise the risk of viruses and illness spreading is a lot more cost effective in the long run.

Business standards

When a potential customer or employee walks in to your workspace for the first time, cleanliness will play a huge part in their first impression. You want your place of work to be a representation of the high business standards that your company strives to achieve in the services or products you deliver. Don’t let a lack of house keeping impact your business standards.

Staff morale

Staff morale is important and can make or break a business. An unhygienic workplace can result in a lack of morale and low staff retention rates. Adopt fresh, bright and clean and watch as your employees prosper.

Staff concentration

Concentration and learning can be hampered in unhygienic workspaces. Sensory distractions such as bad smells, clutter, dust and sticky work surfaces will affect ones ability to concentrate to full potential.


A report conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) in 2014 found that a lack of hygiene maintenance in the workplace is having a detrimental effect on employees’ productivity and negatively affecting the UK economy in the process. The research also calculates that better hygiene in businesses would boost the economy by £13.7 billion, the equivalent to the construction of 25 new hospitals or combined annual wages of 460,000 UK office workers.

Employers should consider the following 5 areas to concentrate on to improve hygiene standards across the organisation:

  1. Washrooms
  2. Reception / entrance area
  3. Corridors / Common Areas
  4. Desks / Meeting Rooms
  5. Kitchen Area

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