Top three tips for buying catering equipment.


This month at Quando Drinks, we are focusing on the equipment side of the catering trade and the do’s and don’ts that this entails. Here are our three top tips on buying catering equipment;


Tip One – Organisation : Do you have a back-up kit?

When it comes to running a catering business, organization is the driving factor in keeping things running as smoothly as possible. Many companies overlook having a back up kit – until it’s too late. Being prepared for the unknown is what will set you apart form the rest. So, use your downtime to put together a back up kit and don’t forget to replenish it when something is used – you’ll thank us when the time comes.

Tip Two – Don’t leave quantity to guess work

We at Quando Drinks believe its best to properly assess the quantity of equipment you need, making sure you have large enough capacities (cooking, storage, ice-making, etc.) to properly support the stock that you are buying is a sustainable approach for any successful business. Consider the daily operations of your present business and look into purchasing equipment that can perform multiple functions to maximise your kitchen’s versatility while minimising cost.

Tip Three – Buy New With Confidence.

Statistics show that 30% of food service businesses fail in the first year and a staggering 60% fail in the first 3 years which is a terrible thing. It may be tempting to buy second hand items but do you really want to risk buying twice? This could be the difference between make and break if your business is a start up. You need your items to work when you require them, buying new will ensure that you have the best quality, so you can provide the best service possible to your customers. You will also have piece of mind with your new items being guaranteed so there will no nasty surprises on the horizon if an item fails. You may also be pleasantly surprised by the very little difference in price between a new item and a used item.

Based in the heart of Doncaster South Yorkshire, providing local businesses with our vast array of products as well as providing our services to many companies nationwide, high standards and great customer services are at the forefront of Quando Drinks ongoing pledge to our customers.


We offer a large selection of catering appliances as well as offering a direct to your door service and a same day delivery service if your company requires this, we believe this provides a positive impact and is a great option to have available for our customers. If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, expanding and adding our catering services might be the next logical step. With your culinary expertise, and our solid supplier relationships you will be equipped to handle any scenario.
We have also recently invested in more stock, a bigger range, more vehicles and more staff to ever improve our commitment to being the best and also improve our relationships with suppliers and meet the highest of consumer expectations.


Whether it’s a few plates, some kitchen utensils, a Prodis Jet 50d commercial dishwasher or a major kitchen or bar appliance we are on hand to offer technical support backed up with a speedy and reliable service. Please feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries on any of the below links or on our online enquiry form.

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